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Rose Marian Jefferson

Rose Marian Jefferson was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. She married and moved to San Francisco and later relocated to Melbourne, Florida where she currently resides.

Rose's mother was a teacher who encouraged her to paint and draw. Although largely a self-taught artist, Rose has taken classes at the San Francisco Institute of Art and studied watercolor over the years in college courses and workshops. She paints portraits and figures in the mediums of oil, acrylic and watercolor. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the country, primarily at invitational and juried shows in Florida and Georgia.

Rose Marian Jefferson states:

Watercolor is my favorite because of its transparency, cleanliness, beauty and challenge. Sometimes I will mix gouache and watercolor to add shape and texture. I always study the magnificence of the human figure; its movement and facial expressions. I am inspired by activities of groups of people or just one person around me. As I continue to study art, my understanding of the world around me matures and deepens.

When I am faced with difficult times, I tend to deal with the situation through painting. It helps me through the process of healing as when my son was deployed to the war in Iraq from 2005-06. During his entire deployment, I was faced with fear, worry and anxiety. I began painting portraits and figures of him, incorporating those negative emotions into brush stroke movements, and expressions. I would paint hedges, barriers and shields of floating objects around him for protection in my prayers. One of those paintings is called Flight of the Capoeira, because the art of capoeira is a martial arts technique that he enjoys performing. He even demonstrated the capoeira moves to his battle buddies in Iraq during free time. My emotions allowed me to create more abstract pieces emphasizing shape, color and texture.

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